Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the..........

Fourth be with you.
Yes, today is official Star Wars day.
Star Wars is one of the most awesomest saga's ever made!!!!!!
The Jedi are so cool the aliens so interesting and weird.

The blasters and lightsabers such cool weapons to use!!!!!!!
 And the main characters just awesome 2 of my fav characters :D

Anakin and Padme! Yes, i know Padme dies and Anakin turn to the Dark side but still............ 

 Plus, they have the coolest planets,
star ships, armies, people pretty much everything!!!!!! Oh and the coolest baddies!!!!
Darth Maul probably my fav. :D(or is that because he's cool in the computer game?)
And something big is going to happen Star wars-ish in about an hour and a half. So keep a look out. :D
I want to know what it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, may the fourth be with you.