Saturday, April 14, 2012

Of, Jar Jar, Aliens and apologies...

Hey everyone,
I'm very sorry that we haven't been posting life has been different and when I have posted (or anyone else) it has usually been on our own main blogs and not here on this blog, though I haen't been posting as much over there either.
So here is a random post( yes, I did have to say that) of a few different star wars topics.

First off: what have people got against Jar jar Binks? This is something which always makes me quite surprised, people don't like Jar jar? Why? For what reason? Am I the only person who think Jar Jar is amusing? You can't have an action movie (or more specifically a star wars movie) with a little fun twisted into it, can you?) To me Jar jar has always been a funny if not a bit stupid beloved character of the star wars saga. They wouldn't of found the Gungans without Jar jars help and I mean, seriously, he didn't even want to go back. His reaction when Boss Rugar Nass tells him that he is going to be made 'Bomba' general is just as funny. His actions on the battlefield are once again very strange and its funny how Jar Jar surrenders and than kicks the droids after they've shut down. No one ever said that you had to like Jar Jar Binks but than, no true Star Wars fan would ever want a re-made star wars WITHOUT JarJar in it. I mean, what would be the fun in that?

Another thing, am I the only person who has gone through the big star wars dictionary and looked at all the aliens and their complex costumes I mean, wow!

George Lucas certainly had some great ideas and the people who worked with hi must have been pretty creative as well. The planet where I think you see the most aliens of different species is on Couruscant in the

Cantina scene for instance there are so many different people all I different clothes and maybe, even talking different languages!!
Oh, yeah and that's where you've got the crazy death sticks guy whom Obi-Wan mind tricks has anyone else noticed his antler thingies? I mean like seriously wow!!! You go to the senators page and you'll get a wide variety of aliens and their costumes. I'm sorry I couldn't get more detailed pictures of the aliens and their dress but it seems there aren't very many on the internet. :(

And just one mroe thing before I go......
Go to this link above...its really funny... :D

May the force be with you,