Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hi everyone!
We are starting this blog it is going to be dedicated to star wars. Because we are all very big star wars fans. I hope you enjoy it! Also today is the day when Revenge of the Sith was realeased world wide, so it's now five years since the saga was complete. So we are goingt to have a star wars day today!

May the force be with you,


Näna said...

REALLY!?!? Today was the first day it was released world wide? It's been out here since 2005.... well, enjoy!

This is so cool that you have started a SW blog. I am a HUGE fan and am looking forward to reading! And, being a total Obi-wan fan, your background is awesome.

May the Force be with you(☺),


Vellvin said...

Sorry about the wording Nana we meant since 2005. We fixed the words up though!

Gae said...

Dear Children,
I hope this is a fun project for all our Star Wars fans.
Lots of Love MummyXXXOOO

Annie said...

never have seen star wars

Squires and Maids said...

daer saxon vellvin thank you for letting me join this biog

Autumn said...

OH MY GOSH! I L. O. V. E. STAR WARS! I thought about making a Star Wars blog, but if I do, I probably won't do it for a while, until I get the hang of juggling all my (many) blogs. I so wish I could join you guys' blog.


Naomi said...

hi, the answer at the answer the riddle is wrong try again.