Thursday, July 14, 2011

Funny Star Wars pics. :D

A friend of mine Jamie, (who is a huge star wars fan by the way).

Said that I could borrow some of her pictures which she posted on her blog (star wars of course) and post them here because I found them really funny.
Thanks Jamie :) Check out her blog at: She is currently doing a series of post for her sister's upcoming Star wars birthday. 
Anyway the pictures: 

I hope that you found them as amusing and funny as I did. :D
May the force be with you,


Anonymous said...

Those were so funny! I liked the Anakin/Padme comic best.

Ashley said...

I was in a starwarsy mood today, so this post just hit the spot! Oh, and the Anakin and Padme one is great!

Jamie T said...

Thanks for linking me! You made my day! :) {hugs}

Three cheers for Star Wars!

~Jamie Joyce

Ashley said...

Make it 4 cheers!

James and Jacob said...

Who's blog it this because when I look a Saxon,Vellvin and JT/King Valun profiles it shows this as one of their blogs?

Vellvin said...

@James and Jacob this blog is mine and my siblings. Saxon is my brother and JT/King Valun is not part of the blog but I think if you were looking at his profile you would see "Followed blogs" or something like that and A Galaxy Far Far Away is at the top of the Followed blogs.

James and Jacob said...

@Vellvin: Thanks you for explaining. :)

Anonymous said...

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Aalya Rain said...

u made my day so much better 2 day. thanks. lol.

Solace Utara said...