Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The best clone wars episodes.

I thought I'd do a post of my favourite clone wars episodes so here goes. I've only seen some of the Clone wars but out of the episodes I've seen these are my favs:
Episode 5 of season 1# "Rookies". Now who can get cooler than clones besides Jedi I mean? Come on this episode is awesome plus, it has Rex and Cody. :)
Episode 7 of season 1# "Duel of the Droids".
This episode is great. I liked it how Anakin goes searching for R2 and how Ahsoka says how they are suppose to be destroying a listening post an Anakin's says that maybe R2 is at the listening post.
Episode 11 of season 1# "Dooku captured."
It's got Anakin and Obi-Wan in it along with Dooku and it proves how smart pirates can be sometimes! :)
Episode 12 of season 1# "The Gungan General" It start of from where "Dooku Captured" ended and you find Jar Jar Binks in with his goofy things he does which actually save the clones which are with him. Also Anakin's and Dooku's apparent dislike and banter.
And after the episode 14 of season 1 we didn't seen any more of them until episode 6 of the season 2 "Weapon's factory"
Episode 7 of season 2 "Legacy of Terror" This one was a little creepy and weird but it was also cool and Obi-Wan and Anakin debating on what they are going to do while Luminara is hanging above them is rather amusing.
Episode 8 of season 2 "Brain Invaders" Now this one was cool because it was the clones against the Jedi and than Jedi and clones against Jedi.
Episode 13 of season 2# "Voyage of Temptation" Now this one was cool and funny at the same time with Anakin and the clones back instead of Obi-Wan in the episode before this one and Anakin's passing comment of "You go find your girlfriend" and "Whats up guys? I'm missing dinner."
Episode 20 of season 2# "Death Trap" This was a bit different from the other episodes but its rather interesting how
Boba Fett is the main character. The other two episodes following are connected to "Death Trap" and are just as good they are called episode 21 of season 2# "R2 come home" and episode 22 of season 2 "Lethal Trackdown"
Episode 1 of season 3# "Clone Cadets" goes back before the episode 5 of season 1# Rookies and shows us what happened to the Domino squad on Kamino first and how they had trouble working together.
Episode 2 of season 3# "ARC Trooper"
This episode follows the invasion of Kamino and you have Fives and Echo return home. It's pretty cool how the Clones are so determined to keep there planet and Ventress and Grievous vs.
Anakin and Obi-Wan = AWESOME!!!! :D :D
After the episode "Pursuit of Peace" we pretty much haven't gotten past. So yeah, those are my favorites. :)
What are you favorites or do you prefer the actual movies?
May the force be with you,


Ravanel said...

I saw some of the Clone Wars episodes but didn't get around to getting the rest. Thanks for reminding me by writing about it!

I hope you guys do continue to write about Star Wars in the future, this blog looks fun!

Ravanel said...

Good to see a new post in this blog! I've started watching the Clone Wars series now, and wrote a (not too serious) blog post about the first episode myself if you're interested: .

Vellvin said...

Thanks Ravanel, it's sometimes just hard to get around posting though. Checking the post out now.