Sunday, November 6, 2011

Will it be Star Wars to you?

This was something I was thinking of while watching an episode of Star wars the clone wars on Friday.
In the clone wars in some episodes of the clone wars there are just some things which you are like "Hey that's a rip-off from the films he's not suppose to learn that and than not remember it!!!"
With the episode "Ghosts of Mortis" you find that Anakin finds out something he didn't need to know and my question is: "Will you actually make it part of what happened or will you just stick with what happened in the movies and leave the clone wars as not true? Or will you actually say "Oh, yeah that happened" But than later on when something else comes along "No, that didn't happened but that thing before did?"
Will you accept all the things from the clone wars as what happened and that they are "part of star wars" or not?
Or will you not even have the clone wars as what you call "part of star wars"
I know this post might sound kind of strange to read but I was just wondering.

May the Force be with you,


James and Jacob said...

The Clone Wars is already scrweing up the time line by adding Ahsoka so I am not sure but the old Clone Wars series ties in to the movies a lot better than new The Clone Wars.

Jamie T said...

I've not seen Clone Wars, and they don't even feel like something a part of the Star Wars franchise; Ones; it's animated. Two; 'Star' Wars, not 'Clone' Wars. Three...I feel like they're messing with characters too much. Like giving Obi-Wan a love story and bringing Darth Maul back. Arg. That's just not right!

So, in answer to your question, as of right now, I don't consider the Clone Wars as a part of Star Wars franchise.